Lori Galperin, MSW, LCSW
Ms. Galperin is a clinician, writer and teacher.  She received her undergraduate degree in psychology followed by a graduate degree in social work from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Over the last 27 years of her professional career, Ms. Galperin co-founded three clinical programs treating sexual trauma, sexual addiction and related disorders, in addition to three residential eating disorder programs.  She is trained in an array of clinical modalities including hypnosis, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Processing Therapies, and is skilled in psychodramatic techniques.  Additionally, Ms. Galperin is trained in the original Masters and Johnson model of marital and sexual co-therapy, as taught by its founders.  Along with co-authoring book chapters and journal articles, Ms. Galperin has lectured and trained professionals in a variety of settings over the last 27 years.

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Mark Schwartz, Sc.D, MFT
​Dr. Schwartz graduated from John's Hopkins University with a doctorate degree in psychology and mental health.  He worked in the Department of Psychology at John's Hopkins and co-taught at the university.  He later joined the staff of Master's and Johnson Institute where he served as the Director of Workshops, Director of Research, and Executive Director.  He cofounded along with Lori Galperin, three inpatient programs in Trauma and Compulsivity with Dr. Masters of Masters and Johnson in St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, Kansas; and Los Angeles, CA.  In addition to his work with trauma and compulsivity, he and Galperin founded Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in St. Louis, and Monarch Cove Treatment Center located in Pacific Grove, CA.  He has published research articles, textbook chapters, and has edited three books.  He lectures widely throughout the United States and Europe to thousands of psychotherapists.

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" It was evident from the first time I met with Lori her compassion and experience were unmatched by any other clinician I have had the honor to work with.  She listened to me without judgment and with an ear toward recovery.  Lori led me to a deeper understanding of my emotional roadblocks and helped me set forth a plan to break those down.  I can say with all certainty Lori has been an integral part of my journey of self-discovery and true happiness." 
                                                                                                                                                       -Former Client, NY, NY  

"Lori Galperin gave me my life.  She is intuitive, extraordinarily bright, kind and steadfast;   qualities that are crucial in a therapist.   Lori is a skilled family systems  practitioner.  She knows how to work to release underlying trauma that cripples her clients' lives.  The unburdening under the care and treatment of one so capable and  so genuine, is a cherished gift.  I was privileged to be the patient of some of America's preeminent psychiatrists and psychologists and to be part of some well respected programs but year after year, I became increasingly more frustrated and miserable.    It wasn't until I worked with Lori Galperin that I was able to go deep into my heart and formation to discover the reasons for my pain and suffering and to get beyond self hatred.    Her compassion and willingness to guide confrontation when it was necessary, got me going  and has kept me determined o continue internal work at every juncture.   This was the greatest surprise of my life.  It's never too late.  Lori Galperin is a therapist who can be trusted and she will stand by no matter how challenging or excruciating the inner work has to be.   Lori Galperin is the most decent person I know and anybody lucky enough to be in treatment with her is blessed."
​                                                                                                                                                                  - Former Client, Boston, MA

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